The most important career move

StillI was very luck to be part of the team that launched Globoesporte.com — The sports portal from Globo Organizations. Globo is a major player in the media world, currently ranking in 5th place as one of the largest media corporation on this planet.

The reason I say this was the most important move in my career, is because I got to work with some of the best designers I saw in my life. For instance, Felipe Memoria, Gui Neumann, Alex Saddi, Vitor Lourenço, Zero, Victor Montalvão, Lucas Hirata, Victor Sahate, Daniel Vasconcellos, and many others. This list could go on and on, but you get it right? The best school of design ever created.

Globo was also the largest company I worked for with the highest visisbility in terms of products and its users access.

Led by Memoria, we launched a brand new spors portal from scratch, and within a year, we were already the leading sports portal in the market. Pretty newat experience.